This is true, and do not hang noodles on our ears from fairy tales in a modern way!

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This is true, and do not hang noodles on our ears from fairy tales in a modern way!

It’s all a matter of time or sponsorship. Give them to me, and our (or your) village school will be cooler than any vaunted support school, but you won’t save us.

It is better to laugh at the peasants because they have left us all to their own devices and we have been surviving on our own for many years, patching holes in buildings with a long and glorious history that have produced hundreds of graduates, most of them (again, perhaps, miraculously, right?) became excellent citizens of their country.

You know, I think we are morally stronger, more resilient, we are more stable, we are the basis of the whole nation, because we are deprived of the hustle and bustle of the city and fashion priorities. Then one of the graduates will wear a mask of glamor, but the foundation has long been laid and will sit firmly until the end of the days of a person from the village. Maybe it is because of our core that they want to destroy the village … There is no school – there is no village … The truth! This is true, and do not hang noodles on our ears from fairy tales in a modern way! This is the wisdom of the people, tested by experience!

Yes, we have enough of everything, and the negative too, but don’t you have it? Are you perfect But, you hear, I will reveal one secret to you: we have something that we can never buy for any money, do not squeeze out any reforms – this is the daily upbringing and education of the student, which for him happens with a feeling of support from a large friendly school family. FAMILIES! FAMILIES! With its traditions, habits, concepts. This is a home where students live with a sense of comfort and security. Needs and significance, care and compassion. Eventually, they go out into the world, like all students in the country, striving for freedom and independence, and only then evaluate not each of us, but school life in general. It is then that they will have time to be needed by no one, it is then that they will fight all their lives for a place under the sun and understand that everyone is for themselves, and here, in the village school, was their childhood , their strong school family.

It is a pity that we often measure the quality of our students‘ education by the number of multimedia projectors and the speed of the Internet, but do not forget, friends, that today’s children are our future! And someday you and I will want from this generation not the ability to create presentations and run your fingers over the tablet, but we will want from them the ability to build ordinary human relationships and respect our old age.

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When did the day come that associated you with a multifaceted and all-consuming profession?

O. Khalepa: you have no right to be different, „TEACHER!“

Author: Olga Khalepa, teacher, public figure.

Colleagues, congratulations on the holiday! To all who are involved in the fate of teachers, and who are interested in how we live, teachers, my article as a gift.


When did you first feel like a teacher? No, no, I’m not asking about the moment when, having picked up a diploma, you happily read this word-conclusion about obtaining a specialty.

When did the day come to associate you, for yourself, with an incredibly multifaceted and all-consuming profession?

Maybe it happened at a time when conducting a lesson in a financially exhausted school, you suddenly realize that you can draw everything yourself, right on the board! Do you realize that you can depict a process, phenomenon, event from the things at hand and explain to students everything that they will understand easily? …

Or maybe it happened when you, walking down the street of your town, realize: you know your students so close that you can not pass by as other passers-by do, you can not, and therefore again and again stop on the weekend or vacation and you ask the child: „Well, how are you?“

Could it be that at the time of the class, among the people who influence the student’s life, he writes your name?

And maybe when high school girls come and ask your friend for advice about such things that the soul begins to shake like a timid hare, realizing what could be the consequences of adolescent thinking. But you do not pretend, you have no right, because they came to you not for this …

Maybe you realized this at the moment when you felt that you were „teaching“ lessons not only at your school, but also in every minute of your daily life? When „your school“ lives at the family table, during family vacations, in minutes of talking on the phone, always, everywhere, even in dreams …

Or when you realize that you are interested in all that they live, students, that every day you balance between your own adulthood and wisdom and their interests and inexperience, to eventually gain not cheap authority, as older colleagues like to criticize, but just create an intricate ornament, where childhood is intertwined with maturity and at different times of school life will give you the opportunity to understand them, and they you …

Or maybe you become a teacher at a time when you have gone through experience, events, achievements and slaps, through waste of paperwork and bosses, endured eternal sleep deprivation, monitor radiation and raised your fingers with the keyboard, proud of your achievements and more than once experienced moments of self-confirmation. you realize that sitting at the Christmas tree at the festive table, with a glass of champagne in hand, you celebrate only the arrival of January 1. After all, for an ordinary person, the New Year really begins with the twelfth strike of the clock , and only for a teacher with the First Bell. At one point you realize that you are already counting your years not from Christmas tree to Christmas tree, but from autumn to autumn …

Maybe, in those moments when you choose any thing in the store with the words „To come to school“ and you understand, you have long been forbidden everything that is easily forgiven to others, you can neither stumble nor make mistakes, because you, as a standard of moral rules, conscience, as an example of behavior.

And you no longer have the right to be different, „TEACHER“

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Copying the European-American model of educational districts, they do not take into account that villages are families

Olga Khalepa: about basic schools in Ukrainian

Author: Olga Khalepa, teacher, public figure.

Support schools … The obvious fact is that the people who run the country (trade, hold, cover – choose your vision) are just awesome! Yes, yes, ofigils! After all, destroying the country for more than two decades like an apple worm inside, for two decades imposing Russian propaganda and educating on Soviet principles and moving the country, at best, under occupation, and at worst just to the abyss of complete destruction, none of they did not expect that in a weakened, undermined, rotten system such a wave of patriotism would rise that it would sweep away everything in its path, so much of the force was needed to realize the national idea and preserve the country’s independence.

It was a complete failure and collapse of the calculations of those who ruled (traded, merged, sheltered – choose your vision) the country. Of course, this can no longer be allowed, because such miscalculations have allowed to educate in families, public organizations, schools, in the end, people who have hindered the implementation of the plans of the Krislovladts, built for decades.

What will we have tomorrow? This is easy to predict by analyzing „innovative“ reforms in various areas of our lives. For example, the so-called education reform and fairy tales about basic schools. Yes, they will be equipped with super cabinets, yes, tens of millions of hryvnias will be written on them, yes, permits will be signed by the highest commissions and the discoveries will be shown on local pro-government TV channels, but what will we really have?

In fact, we will have classes with about 40 students sitting at desks! And it’s not 40 students in a city regular school! This is porridge from children in most parts of the district, who have different levels of training, different genetic abilities and even different levels of health, because next to healthy children in such schools will sit children with disabilities (yes, boarding schools are also closed !)

Tell me, can a teacher give a quality education to such a large number of students in 45 minutes of a lesson? No! He’s not a robot, he’s a man, he can’t, no matter how hard he tries! Because now we need an individual approach to each student, as our new Law on Education sings. Therefore, it is easy to predict that students who had a normal success in their home schools, without receiving timely support and attention in the miracle-supporting school, will go down to level two, which will later affect both the EIT and university entrance.

Following the European-American model of educational districts, we, unfortunately, do not take into account the fact that historically formed settlements of Ukrainians (villages) are large families with their own culture, traditions, mentality, social and economic level. By driving (and I call it that) a group of children from 7-8 settlements (villages), we at least break the strong connection of the student with the small homeland, which ceases to interest him, not only as a historical object. , but also as a socio-cultural environment and, as a maximum, we interrupt and nullify the education of patriotism in the country as a whole, because it begins with love for one’s home.

The same can be seen in family upbringing, which has always been considered a priority for Ukrainian society: book a tree grows in brooklyn summary in practice we already see that a child from 7.00 to 16-17.00 is influenced by people who have little interest in the internal problems and needs of a rural child separated from the family. … The student, who is 15-25 kilometers away from the parents, gradually loses the psychological connection with the family, gets out of their influence, falling into the circle of other interests, which can be the most diverse and unpredictable, for which neither parents nor teachers of a crowded support school will not be able to follow.

Thus, our today’s children, having lost contact with their families, being torn from the socio-cultural life of their own village, without developing either spiritually or culturally in an environment alien to them due to lack of time spent only on moving dead inter- village roads. , lose the basis, the core, which in the future would help to form in them an active public position, analytical and critical thinking and patriotic consciousness.

Today, most of us continue to follow the principle of „my house is on the edge“, without thinking about the fact that we are losing our future, making futile efforts today only to delay in time what people interested in complete chaos did not have time to do before the war.

Under the guise of the latest reforms and other fairy tales, today’s Krislovladtsy provide only their own tomorrow with a humble flock of lost, confused, patriotic people, with whose participation the great patriotic movement of 2014 will never take place again.