The company moved into the light of the world with its Meccanico dG model.

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The company moved into the light of the world with its Meccanico dG model.

Treat yourself to a break with baths, masks and creams and let yourself be inspired to make your own cosmetics in the future.

Relaxing baths with a skin care effect

Hot baths are pure relaxation. The heat allows your skin to better absorb the nourishing nutrients. In addition, bath additives are cosmetics that you can make yourself.

Tips for a Cleopatra bath and nourishing masks

You can create a classic Cleopatra bath from milk, honey and olive oil. The bath is beneficial for dry skin and also helps to alleviate neurodermatitis. For a full bath, warm up a liter of milk, then add a cup of honey and finally two tablespoons of olive oil. You can refine the mixture with essential oils like sandalwood oil. The sensitive skin of the face is easily irritated by make-up, too many creams or scented cleansing lotions. The result is redness, pimples or dry spots and wrinkles. With an avocado mask you pamper your skin with plenty of moisture and strengthen its resistance with vitamin B and provitamin A. Mix the pulp of half an avocado with a tablespoon of whipped cream and a tablespoon of olive oil. After 15 minutes of exposure, your skin will feel soft and fresh again. Tip: The mask also helps with chapped and chapped lips.

Lots of moisture: how to make an avocado face mask

Make cosmetics yourself: creams

The number of contact allergies through cosmetics has risen sharply in recent years. The German Allergy and Asthma Association sees the reason primarily in the fragrances and preservatives that are contained in most cosmetics. If you make your own cosmetics, you avoid unpleasant surprises due to hidden ingredients:

Of course, most women remove their leg, armpit and intimate hair. Those who want to forego painful procedures such as waxing and epilation are happy to use a razor. But how can you avoid unsightly redness and pimples after shaving?

The accessories for a real shave

An important question arises right at the beginning: electric razor or wet razor? Electric razors guarantee a gentle shave and can be used on all parts of the body. However, the shaving result is often not perfect and you can feel stubble immediately after shaving. Wet razors are more irritating to the skin due to their sharp blades and should be used with special shaving gels or foams. The shaved area is velvety and smooth. Ultimately, it is true of both variants that it is worth investing in a higher quality razor.

A suitable shaving foam or shaving gel is recommended for wet shaving. The blade slides over the skin much more easily and the hair becomes soft. This protects your skin, prevents injuries and makes shaving easier for you. When shaving intimate, women should use these products sparingly – the additives, some of which are scented, can disrupt the intimate flora.

What "Mrs" when shaving

Shaving leg hair is not dangerous because the skin is relatively hard-wearing. If you want a particularly smooth result, you should shave against the direction of growth here. Be careful when shaving around your ankles – you can cut yourself quickly with a wet razor.

Many women are already more sensitive in the armpit area. Depending on your skin type, you decide which way to shave. Especially after shaving, keep your hands off deodorants with alcohol, as they can burn.

The intimate area requires special care. Here it is better to shave with the direction of growth when wet shaving, as the skin is very sensitive there. Also, use a shaving foam or gel when shaving wet to avoid injury. Shaving is safe with an electric razor. It is best to use water or fragrance-free products for aftercare.

Additional tricks for supple skin

Every shave irritates your skin. So do her something good and give her a rich cream after shaving. An insider tip is to apply baby oil to the shaved areas of the skin. The oil does not contain any other irritating ingredients and gives your skin a lot of moisture.

Grooming for Men: These electric razors are thorough and gentle

Make sure your razor blades are always sharp. Blunted blades lead to pimples and leave behind unsightly stubble. Give yourself plenty of time to shave properly. Just build it into a small wellness program.

A mechanical watch with a digital display? What may seem like apples and pears to many a watch enthusiast has meanwhile become a reality with the De Grisogono Meccanico dG – and all without a battery.

In the world of fine wristwatches from Switzerland there is almost nothing left that did not already exist. Ever since the groundbreaking Aeternitas Mega 4 from Franck Muller, which combined exactly 1483 components and 36 complications (25 of them visible to the wearer), seasoned watch connoisseurs have been wondering what else may come of the Swiss. More than ever, the traditional manufactories are reflecting on old values ​​and reinterpreting their classics from yesteryear in a contemporary guise. Younger manufacturers such as Franck Muller Watchland or De Grisogono sense their chance to shine as innovation drivers. De Grisogono goes back to a small boutique for handicrafts and jewelry that was opened by Fawaz Gruosi in Geneva in 1993. The name of a partner’s mother was the inspiration for the name. After only two years, Gruosi separated from his colleagues and started his own business with message ashley the jewelry manufacturer Grisogono S.A. The company’s first watch collection followed five years later. After half of the company belonged to the Swiss jewelry and watch multinational Chopard for a while, De Grisogono has been designing largely independently again since 2007 under the banner of founder Gruosi.

De Grisogono now has over 8 watch collections. In addition, the relatively small manufacturer publishes elaborate (ear) rings, brooches and accessories. The company moved into the light of the world with its Meccanico dG model. On the occasion of the company’s 15th anniversary in 2008, Fawaz Gruosi finally dispelled the prejudice that mechanical and digital watches represent two completely opposite directions. Why not just combine both? Regardless of the question of whether the result actually has a right to exist on the wrists of this world, De Grisogono shows a strong innovative strength. Specifically, the Meccanico dG is the world’s first wristwatch that controls a digital display via a mechanical system. For this purpose, the makers used an impressive 651 individual parts for the movement alone. In order to bring the symbiosis of the two supposedly opposing worlds particularly strikingly to the point, the Meccanico dG combines two displays: one analog and one digital. The digital display in the lower area is not based on a battery-operated LED display, as is usually the case, but on a purely mechanical construction.

A marvel of technology

The horizontal display elements in this area weigh just 10 milligrams, while the vertical, slightly longer counterparts weigh 25 milligrams. Depending on the time, they fold into the field of vision in various combinations, creating a digital display that is actually not one at all. The heart of the Meccanico dG is an in-house exclusive caliber with a power reserve of around 35 hours. The strikingly rectangular curved case is available in various combinations (including titanium, 18-carat red gold, titanium / red gold, titanium / rubber or titanium / platinum) and measures an impressive 56 x 48 millimeters. With the bright green ad, the Meccanico dG would immediately catch the eye even in a smaller format. If this is already too noticeable for you, the Dauphin pointer can also be optionally available in a gold version. The superlative watch, limited to just 177 pieces, is waterproof to a depth of 30 meters and protects the complex technology with thick sapphire crystal. However, so much innovation comes at a corresponding price: Dealers are said to be charging several 100,000 US dollars for the watch.

The partnership between the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Jaeger-LeCoultre and the sports car manufacturer Aston Martin has existed for eight years. This alliance is now being celebrated with the presentation of another sporty chronograph for 20,900 euros: The AMVOX7 from the line of the same name is the first watch with vertical release and has a 65-hour power reserve. The design is reminiscent of the Aston Martin Vanquish.

The AMVOX7 chronograph
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At first glance, you can see the watch’s connection to motorsport, because the design of the dial is reminiscent of the radiator grille of the Aston Martin Vanquish, the latest model from the British car manufacturer.

Sporty timepiece with a new function

The timepiece also has a new function: the radial power reserve display. On the "AMVOX7 chronograph" This display appears in two windows in the upper area of ​​the height ring, on both sides of the black dial. As the watch is wound, the red power reserve disks approach each other as if trying to enclose the 12. In the relaxation phase of the barrel, they disappear again and gradually reveal the lever of the chronograph.

The case is made of titanium and protects the manufacture caliber 756 with a water resistance of up to five bar (50 meters).

More chronograph topics

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Thanks to an additional element on the case back, the alligator leather strap keeps an optimal curve at all times and thus guarantees an ergonomic fit on the wrist. The bracelet should be easily exchangeable at any time. The metallic bracelet is robust and is ideal for sporty activities, while the leather counterpart is suitable for elegant occasions. As early as 2005, the manufacturer presented a chronograph from the AMVOX line with a vertical release. The watch is the first to be equipped with the intuitive technology for measuring short time intervals. You no longer have to wait with your finger on the trigger for a race to start in order to activate it without delay. >>

A simple pressure on the watch glass is now sufficient to cause the case to tilt on its horizontal axis and to start a new measurement immediately. The chronograph mechanism is started and stopped by pressing 12. Pressing the opposite side of the dial again resets the chronograph hands. To avoid incorrect actuation, there is a switch on the side of the housing that serves as an adjusting lever.

Watchmaking art

The timepiece combines the fine art of watchmaking with the functions of the automotive world.