The Barcelona World Race is high-tech and high-risk sport

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The Barcelona World Race is high-tech and high-risk sport

A few minutes before Tamudo’s goal, a possible penalty was claimed from Eto’o.


Forward Raúl Tamudo reached his 112th goal in the League and surpassed Marañón’s historic record (111) .Tamudo celebrated it in style and Valverde highlighted the forward’s performance after the match. "Deserves this record", he stressed.


Parallel to Tamudo’s second goal, Dutchman Van Nistelrooy managed to tie Madrid (2-2) at La Romareda. The Dutchman became the most decisive player for the Whites in the final stretch of the season.

Curiously, Madrid had beaten Espanyol in their particular duel in the 89th minute. Almost the same minute in which the parakeet team achieved a draw against Barcelona weeks later.


That the schedule of Barcelona-Espanyol and Madrid-Zaragoza coincided made many fans pay attention to the radio. From being with 75 points and Madrid with 72 they went on to stay both with 73. A particularly cruel night for the Barcelona fans who at all times supported the team and ended up freezing.

He is the founder and president of the company Seeliger y Conde, with which he has trained more than 20,000 executives. He created the Seeliger y Conde Foundation, focused on helping disabled people find employment.


Act. At 08:30 CEST

Xavi Canals

He likes wine, classical music and nautical. He bought a one-hectare vineyard and sells wine to restaurants for one hundred euros a bottle. He spent two years one hour a day, five on weekends, and every vacation listening 2,147 times to Mahler’s Second Symphony to memorize it and be able to conduct it at the Palau de la Música in front of 1,500 people, an experience from which the book ‚La Talent Formula and Mahler. The challenges in life. ‚

And since 2008 he has presided over the Saló Nàutic organized by Fira de Barcelona and which will celebrate its 57th edition from 10 to 14 October.

How did Luis Conde get to the world of Nautical?

As a child I used to spend the summer in Caldetas and spent the day sitting waiting for two or three rich people to take me for a walk. That’s where the bug started. Over time I met Gerardo Seeliger, my partner, who was an Olympian in Munich 72 and Montreal 76 and got me into the world of Finn. I started with a Finn, then a Laser, then a Menorquina, then a ship in Brazil and a 30-meter ship …

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I have made transoceanic crossings. I happened to cross the Atlantic with a nine-year-old son and had the misfortune of being shipwrecked. It was quite an experience that encouraged me to write a book, ‚Tolimen y la lengua del volcano‘, in which I made an analogy between the shipwreck and the bankruptcy of a family business. Then I entered the Boat Show and they made me president. And I bought together with another group the Port of Palamós, of which I am president.

Presiding over the Saló Nàutic in the midst of the crisis will not have been an easy task

It is a joy, very beautiful and satisfying. My friend Enrique Puig passed away in 2007, a year that was a boating boom, so he set the bar very high. There were people who wanted it to be done every two years, like the Automobile, and I refused. We had half in the port and the other half in L’Hospitalet. That was untenable and it occurred to me to go all to the sea. Fortunately, I was on the Fira de Barcelona Council and they helped me with everything.

"It’s a shame that we had to suspend the Barcelona World Race. Ada Colau should understand that it is not a rich activity"

Perhaps one of the great problems of boating is that it is seen as an expensive and elite sport

When you talk about tennis or golf, an athlete comes out with a racket or a stick, while when you talk about sailing a yacht always comes out and on the yacht, Noemí Campbell or Leo Messi. You don’t have to be Messi to be able to navigate. In Spain there are 200,000 boats and more than 90 percent have less than nine meters. In Palamós I have 875 moorings and only eight are yachts, one percent.

Still, not everyone can afford a boat …

Look, I am a patron of the Barcelona World Race, an activity that put Barcelona on the map and this year we had to suspend it due to lack of support. The problem is that we have had a finance minister who is from Jaén and who has never gotten on a boat in his life and does not know where the sea is. And the mayor Ada Colau must understand that it is not an activity of the rich. The Barcelona World Race is high-tech and high-risk sport. It is as if you tell me that the car is rich because you see Alonso with the Ferrari. The Ferrari has nothing to do with the car you buy. The same thing happens with ships.

And what would you say to those who still think that sailing is an activity for the rich

I would tell them that renting a nine-meter boat is worth the same as renting an apartment on the seafront. There are beginning to be formulas to make sailing cheap. It is not only the possibility of renting a boat, but also renting a place on a boat, as is done with flats

What does the show offer to popularize sailing?

We plan activities for children, to bring the sea closer to people. We do kayak and sailboat outings.

"I like football for its values ​​and I am one of those who go to Barça"

Besides nautical, what other sports does Luis Conde like?

I love football for its values: knowing how to win and lose, having respect for people and authority, teamwork … I’m one of those who go to Barça. Soccer is the best sport to go with the family and on top of that I have a little girl who is a spectacular culé. Also, behind us we have Shakira, who is cute with this girl.

Apart from being paid, what relationship does Luis Conde have with Barça?

Sixte Cambra has been a partner of mine for 20 years and I have a father-in-law named Joan Gaspart. He also had a good relationship with Sandro Rosell, who once came to Saló to buy a boat.

"That Sandro Rosell is in jail without being judged is very beast, because of the humiliation it entails. I know him and he amazes me"

How about approaching a year and a half in prison?

It is very beastly to have a person in jail who has not been tried, because of the humiliation that this implies. It surprises me, because I know him.

Darwin Machis ended the unbeaten streak of Thibaut Courtois, who had gone five games without conceding a goal. The Madrid goalkeeper’s streak ended in 506 minutes, since Mikel Merino scored the 1-2 at Real Sociedad – Real Madrid.


On 07/14/2020 at 00:16 CEST

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Machis ends Courtois‘ run as the Belgian concede first goal in 506 minutes

Since then, the white team had added five victories to fit in, against Mallorca (2-0), Espanyol (0-1), Getafe (1-0), Athletic (0-1 (and Alavés (2-0)

Machís‘ goal has put Granada back into the game, closing the gap on the scoreboard five minutes after the re-assumption.

The Venezuelan culminated a quick counter after a loss of the ball by Casemiro against Carlos Fernández. Herrera put the ball deep for Machís, who won by speed Dani Carvajal to release a shoe that slipped between Courtois‘ legs.

Granada reacted after a disappointing first half, putting Real Madrid in a tight spot, especially in set pieces.

The Saló Nàutic de Barcelona organized by Fira de Barcelona in collaboration with ANEN will have the presence of the ten best sailboats in Europe in its 58th edition, two of them of national manufacture, De Antonio D-42 and Nuva M-8, which will compete in the prestigious ‚European Yacht of the Year‘.

Sep 26, 2019 at 5:25 pm CEST

Under the slogan of ‚Gent de Mar‘, the contest, which will be held from October 9 to 13 at the docks of Spain and La Fusta del Port Vell, will focus on sustainability and environmental awareness for the care of the environment marine, with the presence of electric, hybrid and solar boats and the celebration of the day ‚Let’s take care of the sea. Towards sustainability ‚, in which the‘ Decalogue for a Sustainable Nautical ‚will be presented.

The president of the Saló, Luis Conde, stressed the need to educate young people about this issue: "An effort must be made to educate the new generations in sustainability and the Saló Nàutic wants to be a pioneer. The sea is ours, it has a very important fauna on which we feed and we must take care of them for our own benefit, our children and the next generations. For the first time there will be no plastic in the Nàutic".

The role of women

In addition to the commitment to sustainability, the 58th edition of the Saló Nàutic will seek to promote the presence of women in boating, with the first forum ‚La Mar en Femenino‘, and the nautical tourism. In this sense, the secretary general of ANEN, Carlos Sanlorenzo, invited politicians not to turn their backs on the sector: "If you are uncomfortable taking a photo on a boat, you are offending the more than 100,000 workers in the sector".

Count reflected that "being the second most visited country in the world and having the sun as its greatest resource, only four percent of this tourism is nautical. We have the best coastline and the best climate and I ask politicians to make an effort to promote international nautical tourism".

The director of the Saló, Jordi Freixas, highlighted that the contest "will have a one hundred percent occupation", with 290 exhibitors, more than 700 boats, 180 of them in the floating show, 23 catamarans and 20 dinghy and sport sailing boats and a forecast of 55,000 visitors, which means a growth of seven percent, in line with the growth of the 9.43 percent who have experienced registrations.

For Freixas, the most important thing is that, in addition to being the third consecutive edition that the Saló has grown, "exhibitors that we had lost have been recovered", which consolidates the event as the largest professional platform in the sector.